Mission Statement

Uninterrupted Divorce from Joy Parrish on Vimeo.

We believe that media can empower youth, showcase their brilliance and individuality, and extend a positive message to teens and adults alike. is dedicated to teens and parents and provides a safe space for communication, daily inspiration, and overall support.


2013 Heartland Emmy Nomination

Congratulations!! We received an Emmy nomination for PSA Campaign: Community/Public Service. Way to go!!!!


You can view the Emmy-nominated campaign on our VIMEO channel.

The 2013 Regional Emmy Awards are July 13th!


Teens and Their Online Presence

Check out this cool graphic by! Do you know how your teens use the internet?

 Teens and the Internet Infographic


Does This Make You Think?



Check Out Our Latest PSA Campaign!!

View all SEVEN NEW PSA’s on our Vimeo channel!




I joined an amazing coalition today that inspired me to make more videos for youth. Inspiration is key! I was inspired to dig through the older PSA’s we created. Aren’t teens incredible??

You can view all of our work on this Vimeo channel. Spread the word!

Uninterrupted Divorce – TOMMY from UNINTERRUPTED.TV on Vimeo.

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